Most Popular Game Engines

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Game engines are an essential part of the game development process. But which one should you use? Here, we cover what the most popular game engines are and how to use them. 

There are many game engines that you could use for game development. Here's a list of game engines most often used today:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • CryEngine
  • Their own video game engine

Unreal Engine

One of the most popular and widely used game engines is the Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

The original version was released in 1998 and 17 years later it continues being used for some of the biggest games every year.

Notable titles made with Unreal Engine include the Gears of War series, Mass Effect series, Bioshock series, and the Batman: Arkham series.

The strength of the Unreal Engine is its ability to be modified enough that games can be made into very unique experiences.


Unlike most other game engines, GameMaker: Studio has become widely used because it doesn’t require programming knowledge to use.

Instead, users can “point-and-click” to create games much easier and faster than coding with native languages.

Some of the best titles made with GameMaker include Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Super Crate Box, and the upcoming Hyper Light Drifter.

GameMaker is popular because you can make a game without having to learn a programming language first, and those that do have coding experience can use it to make their game better.

The problem with GameMaker and other point-and-click engines is that developers are much more limited than with other engines.


CryEngine is a top game engine developed by CryTek since 2002. The latest engine is CryEngine V.

CryEngine is a cross-platform engine. You can use it to create photorealistic first-person games, especially shooters. CryEngine is used in all games from CryTek, as well as other studios. As mentioned above, CryEngine was licensed and reworked to create Amazon Lumberyard.


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